Venice vs Verona vs Vicenza

We are planning a trip in June and would like to train from Switzerland to either Venice, Verona or Vicenza. Out of the 3 places, which one would you recommend for a 3 night stay?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Venice of course. Although all three deserve a visit. You can see Verona in a day, and Vicenza in a half day.

Posted by TC
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Stay in Venice. It is really great at night after the day trippers leave. Verona is worth a day trip. Vicenza would be lowest on my list.

Posted by Roger
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Venice, of course. There is simply a lot to see and experience. We stopped in Verona for several hours on our way from Milan to Venice. I do not think that we needed more time than that.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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Charles order would be my order. Venice is magic and must be seen at least once - a three night stay is ideal. We really liked Verona but it's a distant second on this list. A couple nights in Verona is plenty. We weren't there during opera season. Some day, I'd like to go back and take in an opera at the Roman amphitheater. Vicenza has some interesting architecture but I view it more as a place to stop and take a look around rather than a destination.

Posted by Kathy
Cypress, California, USA
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thank you all for your responses - looks like Venice it is!