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venice to salzburg! there's gotta be a way!

hi everyone,this summer would be my first time in europe and i need some help regarding transportation from venice to salzburg, because i been looking every cheap flight company such as ryan air & easyjet and they dont have this route !! i checked by train but 8 hours in a train seems like a waste of precious touring time around salzburg! i also search for rome to salzburg, brussels to salzburg and ..nothing! i really dont know anywhere else to look.
if you have information any information! it would be very helpful to me..
thank you!

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It really looks like there are no flights between the two cities. There are, however, cheap flights between Venice and Munich ( and there are good rail connections from Munich airport via Munich Hauptbahnhof to Salzburg...

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Yes, this is your first're in a rush to see "Places." The problem is that the journey from Venice to Salzburg is through the Tirol mountains--some of the best scenery in all of Europe. Don't be in such a rush.

And if you don't care about scenery, you can take an evening train in just under 6 hours.

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"8 hours in a train seems like a waste of precious touring time".

By the time you take transportation to an airport, get there an hour or two early as required, flight time, deplaning and finding ground transportation, and getting into town, you will probably spend 5 or 6 hours anyway. And that's with a direct flight. I found some full fare airline flights, but they connect in Zürich or Vienna, and that would take even more times.

I too have heard that Brenner Pass, from Italy to Innsbruck, is scenic.

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See this page on the Austrian Rail site for information on cheap SparSchiene fares for both day trains and the night train between Italy and Austria. Book by phoning the CallCenter. Dial Mexico's international access code + 43 (country code for Austria) + (0)5-1717. Omit the zero in parentheses. It is only used for calls originating in Austria.

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Hmm. I don't remember train times being anywhere near that long. Which sites are you checking? That being said, I'd echo others - it's absolutely beautiful, take the time and enjoy it.

By the time you got into and out of both airports, went through security, got there 2 hrs early for check in, it would be about the same if not longer than train.

We're going to do that drive this May. Haven't tried it yet, but saw some pictures, and it looked gorgeous.

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I saw four day trains from Venice to Salzburg taking between 6 and just over 7 hours.

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thank you so much for the info..i really didnt know it was a scenic road! & your absolutely right about the spent time if i get a flight... !

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It is not just "Scenic"! It is one of teh most beautiful train journeys you can take. I have done it three times and it is absolutely awesome. You will really enjoy it.