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Venice to La Spezia train

Hi all,

I'm attempting to book a train from Venice to La Spezia on 6/24, but I can't find any trip available. If I look on Trenitalia at any date up to 6/13, there are trips available through Bologna or Florence. After this date, though, there are no trips available.

Does this mean that there is going to be some kind of service disruption? Or is it possible that all of the trains are already booked?

Thanks in advance.

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I think you would like to check going from Venice to Florence then to La Spezia. When I was booking our trip to Italy, I didn't look at the train routes BEFORE booking our rooms. I found that the train from Venice to La Spezia took all day and there were at least two changes of trains. I changed our itinerary to go Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre; picked up our rental car in La Spezia - did the tour of Tuscany then turned the car in at Orvieto and took the train back to Rome. Maybe you can change your itinerary to make the train travel easier for you. Just a thought.

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Rishee, the typical journey from Venice to La Spezia Centrale takes 5.5hrs. That's not all day. You can leave Venice early and arrive just after noon. CLICK HERE to see the early morning schedule out of Venice.

As mentioned above, Trenitalia has not yet updated their schedules. I'm using 6/11. Don't worry. They won't change much if at all when the schedules are updated. I'm still seeing runs that my wife and I have taken two years ago and they are still there and the times are the same. The Trenitalia people should be whipped for leaving travelers hanging out like they do.

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No service disruption or fully-booked trains. The problem is that new timetables will go into effect throughout Europe on 14 June and Trenitalia is always slow in updating its Web site. Times will change by only a few minutes, if at all.

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Thanks Tim.

Miss B, I wasn't planning on visiting Florence, but I might stop and spend a day there to avoid having to ride the train for a full day. Thanks for the advice.