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Venice to Innsbruck

I asked about this a while back, the best way to get from Venice to Innsbruck (on May 2). Many people suggested Venice to Verona then Verona to Innsbruck.

I had planned on doing that but just today was wondering if I should go Venice to Brenner then Brenner to Innsbruck.

Since no one suggested this before, I'm wondering, is there a reason this would be a bad idea? Or is there a reason why stopping in Verona is a better idea?

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Most of the fast trains from Italy to Munich go through Verona, Innsbruck and Brenner, and stop in all three stations. If you go from Venice to Innsbruck, except on a night train, you will have to change trains in Verona. If you are using one of the Eurocity trains to Innsbruck, it will stop in Brenner, but you can stay on it to Innsbruck.

Are you asking about the best (least expensive) way to ticket it.

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Yes the least expensive and easiest (meaning I won't have to change trains often). Originally it was recommended to take the train from Verona to Munich and getting off in Innsbruck but that train is very expensive now.

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There are four EC trains daily from Verona to Munich. It looks like for May 2, the €39 fares are sold out, but there is still a €49 fare on one of them and €59 fares for the other three. Those are not as good as the €39 fare, but I wouldn't wouldn't call that "very expensive".

If you really want to spend the extra time, there are regional trains from Verona up to Brenner. They probably* cost less than the EC fare. The train from Brenner down to Innsbruck is free (inside joke).

* Not sure. That €49-59 fare to Innsbruck is so low I'm not sure you can beat it with p-p fares. The fare from Innsbruck to Brenner (uphill) is €6,-.