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Venice to Cinque Terre Train Option

Hi - I am traveling from Venice to CT and there is an option to go to La Spezia and another option to go to Montorosso. I am a little perplexed on which is the better option (or if they are basically the same). I am staying in Manarola. I would certainly want to take the most convenient option and then take the local T to Manarola. I was just wondering which option would be best and would allow me to get on the local service to Manrola. Thank you for any an all feedback!

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Bethany, Either option is good, and I doubt the time difference would be significant either way. Either option will allow you to get to Manarola. If you travel to Monterosso, you'll likely go through Genova first. Given that you're staying in Manarola, it will be slightly faster to travel via La Spezia as it's a very short trip from there to Manarola (about 11 minutes). Happy travels!

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Thank you for your feedback and you are correct that it is a matter of 15-20 minutes arrival difference. Thank you for letting me know La Spezia would be a more convenient arrival spot.