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Venice, MaroPolo Airport: Hiring a Water Taxi into Venice?

Who has experience hiring a water taxi from the airport into St Marks Square? Hire on the spot or can pre arrange it
through a website? Appreciate all comments good and bad and of course recommendations. Thanks Janet

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It's easy to do it at the desk in the airport. You pay; they give you your ticket; and you walk to the waiting taxis. And my Venetian friend insists, " Do NOT tip them!"

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That's going to be a very expensive option. You could also use the Alilaguna water bus.

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Bear in mind that it is a fair hike to both the Alilaguna dock and the taxi dock and it is entirely outside. There is a little metal cover over the path but I can say from experience that it does not keep out rain.

The ride on the taxi would be memorable, but not cheap.

Probably the bus and then vaporetto combination is fastest (and dramatically cheaper) because of the 15 minute or so walk to the dock for the taxi.

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If you have at least two people consider prearranging a shared water taxi through When you arrive a VCE simply go to their desk and they will direct you to the waiting taxi.
While private water taxis are expensive, a shared water taxis is a relatively affordable option and will drop you at the vaporette stop nearest to your hotel. They'll make a few intermediate stops to drop off other passengers, but since the space is limited they usually don't make more than two or three stops.

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And as for Venice Link - beware. I arranged and prepaid for 3 water taxis for my departure from Venice and those stinkin water taxis left me high and dry and abandoned with a group of high school kids. Our hotel said they probably would not arrive because it was an early Sunday departure after a big Saturday night football game. Sure enough our hotel, Pensione Guerrato, was correct. They didn't show up, they didn't call, they didn't answer a call, and they didn't answer emails from me after I got back home. Only after I contested the prepaid charges with my credit card did they IMMEDIATELY send me an email claiming they had waited and waited and we never showed up...bunch of liars. I DID get my money back. I know that Venice Link doesn't own their own fleet of water taxis, but they DO contract out. just be aware