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Venice Immigration

I will be arriving to Marco Polo Airport from Vienna. Friends will arrive from the US via Amsterdam. Will we be processed through the same Immigration area? Is there more than 1 terminal and more than 1 Immigration area at this airport?
Thank you.

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None of you will go through immigration in Venice.
You are both arriving with Schengen flights (basically Domestic flights). Immigration will be in Vienna, for those arriving from the US via Vienna, and in Amsterdam, for those arriving from the US via Amsterdam. Both flights into VCE will be like traveling from Charlotte to Chattanooga.

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Thank you for your reply. Is there more than one terminal and baggage area at the Marco Polo airport or do all flights use the same baggage area? Susan

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It's been a few years since I went through Marco Polo Airport. It's not that large and from what I remember the luggage terminal is also small and all in one area. Safe Travels