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Venice:How to get from cruise ship to hotel

Our cruise line is quoting a cost of $600 (US) to get myself, my husband, and his mother from the ship to a Venice hotel (one-way). Certainly one can do it cheaper and reliably. Yes???

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Maybe, Venice is not as easy to get around. If you know where your hotel, you can probably use the water buses but that will involve some walking. The water taxis are very expensive but still probably cheaper than 600. Ask the hotel for suggestions. Will not be the first they have been asked that question.

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Where is your hotel and how much luggage will you have? You can get a taxi from the cruise ship dock to the Piazzale Roma and get on a public water bus from there.

$600 for a transfer seems extraordinarily high. Are there special needs or conditions involved?

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$600 is too high. Get a good map of Venice and find out where your hotel is. Be careful, the "address" of the hotel may not be the exact location, it could be through an alley, across a square from where the street address is. The hotel should be able to tell you exactly where they are. Then locate the closest vaporetto dock. you will need to walk from there to the hotel. Ask the hotel for directions from that dock to the hotel. Watch for bridges, they usually have steps up over and steps down. If you have heavy luggage, make sure you can carry it up these steps. As someone else said, you can get a taxi from the ship to Pizzarele Roma and the vaporetto to the pier you select. We did this in reverse and it is not difficult, but the "streets" may be extremely narrow. My sister was with us and she did not believe the alleyway would take us to where we wanted to go, though it was the exact directions teh hotel gave us.