Venice airport to Hotel??

I just started reading about Venice because that will be our first stop at the end of June. I have not been back to Italy in 24years and last time it was a tour so all was scheduled for me. How difficult or easy is it with 4 adults with 3 luggages getting from the airport to the Hotel. I have not chosen the hotel yet. There seems to be 3 options at the airport to get to the island Am i correct that the best option ($)is the shuttle bus and then a vaporetto to the Grand Canal. I am not sure on any of this and I think how easy or difficult is this with 4 luggages to tag along.

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Mina ,on my recent stay in Venice , I arrived by rail at Santa Lucia station and only had to hop on the vaporetto to get to my hotel , so I cannot answer your question about arrival from the airport . I will , however attempt to answer your question about luggage . Having " a luggage " for each person is a bit vague . I travel with one hand grip that weighs 12 lbs , I'm a firm believer in packing light . If you are traveling in that manner ,you should find it very easy . On the other hand , if a " luggage " means a 50 lb large suitcase ( as my neighbor uses ) you'll return with complaints about your mobility . Enjoy Venice , we loved it !!

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We will in Italy for 4 weeks and its 3 luggages for the four of us. I will give it some thought to what you said thanks

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Mina, you have some choices here. First, with 4 people, you are approaching the cost justification for the expensive water taxi. The water taxi takes you directly to your hotel. Often times, your hotel is on a canal that the taxi can reach. Water taxi fares range between 90-110 Euros for up to 8 people with luggage. But, with 4 adults, it's about 25Euro each. Not really too bad per person. You can catch the water taxi at a dock near the airport. Secondly, the fullness of your transportation needs will depend on where you will be staying. Usually, you will pay 7Euro to ride the airport bus to the Piazzale Roma. From there, you ride the vaporetto to you hotel stop. Third, Alilaguna. The Alilaguna boat has runs from the airport to numerous, but not all, stops along the Grand Canal or the Giudecca canal. Cost is about 14Euro. If you are lucky enough to book a hotel at a stop served by Alilaguna, you have that choice as well.