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Vayama abandoned us in Greece in the middle of our trip this year. They never even told us our flights were cancelled. I had to find out for myself. I tried to call and email them since January when I found out that my flight had been cancelled by the airline. My emails were replied to with a standard response saying that I don't have to do anything and they will fix us up a month before my flight, which was supposed to be in May. I sent several emails, as their phone didnt work, and got the same standard response. They never contacted me until I finally got back home after buying another ticket from another airline in June. They contacted me in August after I disputed their charge with my credit card. They said since there was a dispute they couldn't do anything until I dropped the dispute. I told them since they only contacted me three months after my scheduled return when I disputed them that they should give me a refund then i'll drop the dispute. I doubt i'll ever hear from them again.
This is an unethical business that everyone should stay away from!!!