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Using an Italo voucher

If anyone else has a credit voucher from Italo from a covid-canceled 2020 trip, I just want to report my experience.

These were originally issued with a one-year validity from the date of travel. So I just kind of gave up on the voucher, knowing that we were not going to Europe in 2021, and then forgot all about it.

It turns out the vouchers were extended by 6 months, 2 sequential times. I learned of this when I got an email from Italo last week, informing that my voucher would expire April 5, and giving some information on how to apply for a refund for the unused portion. That involves a phone call to Italo, and possibly a bank transfer requiring bank details, so I really was not interested. But then I realized I still have one train journey to book for our March trip, so maybe I could use the voucher for that.

After poking around the Italo website for guidance on how to use the voucher for a new ticket, and finding nothing relevant, I decided to just see what happened if I entered the journey I want as though buying a standard ticket. Bingo! It is right there in the payment section—-the question “Do you have a voucher?” I entered the 17-digit code (which was on the email Italo sent me) and it was applied to the ticket—-essentially making it free.

So if you have an upcoming trip to Italy, and an unexpired Italo voucher, you may be pleasantly surprised, as I was.

P.S. while on the Italo website, I learned they they are having a strike March 8. We will miss that by a few days.