This is another time I thought I did everything right. The first time I flew to Europe, thanks to this forum, I learned how to find the plane and seat that would be right for me. It's an airbus, so I've been flying USAirways. Next month they are leaving StarAlliance, and this seems to mean I can't book a flight to Europe (Italy probably). Neither airline showed up on international flights on Kayak this afternoon. I don't know if it's a merger issue or not. So I think this is my question:

Is it possible to book international flights for three months (or more) from now on either USAirways of American?

Thanks so much. I thought I had the hang of it. Hah, hah. Maybe they will have a great sale when they get it together. I'm hoping that the Airbus will survive. I heard that the airlines have just ordered half Boeing and half Airbus.

Posted by Kristen
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You are able to book from the US Airways website or the American website. I am not sure why the flights aren't showing up on Kayak.

Posted by stan
Kansas City
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Sarah as Kristen said, go directly to the American website. I just did that looking at international flights - no issues. I don't use Kayak, but when I use Orbitz, sometimes American doesn't show up unless you check the box to specifically show their flights.

Posted by Sarah
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Thanks, you two. There's nothing on the USAir. American isn't showing Airbus products but free is free!

Posted by Sam
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I see that they cut their PHL-Venice flight, except in the summer months. A disappointment.

Posted by David
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There are going to be some growing pains in the AA-US Airways merger. But they should be taking resevations. See ITA Matrix's website for available flights.
But it's been a long time since I have been impressed with many U.S. air carriers, and service issues are expected in any merger.
Put AA and US Airways together, and they're going to be a force in the retail market to be reckoned with.

Most of the airlines we fly are now down to about three "alliances", and they essentially control the flight system (including fares) throughout the free world. And airlines have small armies of analysts scrolling through their flights looking at utilization--and setting airfares as high as possible and still fill the seats.
I'm just hoping that the New Delta and the New United might put some pressure on the new American Airlines and force them to drop airfares to Europe--trying to establish the "pecking order" in the retail market.