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My Global Entry which initially expired in March was extended until December.

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Well considering most countries with common sense aren’t going to let us travel to them I’m not sure how many people are going to want to sign up for global entry.

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I wonder if all Global Entry cards will have their expiration dates moved ahead since we can’t travel internationally.

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Unfortunately, in July CBP announced that their Global Entry enrollment centers won't reopen after all. They say they will reopen on August 10 (edited). I applied in July 2019 and have had three interviews cancelled so far. Normally, an applicant with tentative approval pending an in person interview would have one year from the date of tentative approval to be interviewed but they have extended that deadline due to multiple temporary closings of their GE offices.

Update: I was able to reschedule an appointment on September 1, 2020 in Seattle.
Second Update: The September 1 appointment was cancelled, scheduled a new appointment in late September.

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You can still do the "Enrollment on Arrival" if you have been approved for the in person interview. That allows you to complete the process when you enter through any airport with Global Entry from an international flight. Of course if you are not flying internationally right now, doesn't really help. They have extended the window for interviews to 485 days from the previous 365 so maybe that might allow some to complete the process without having to start over.

The web site does say anyone who applies for renewal before their current enrollment expires will get an extra 18 months added to their expiration. Nothing about extending all GE expiration due to lack of travel opportunities.

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from the Washington Post - September 4, 2020

"Global Entry processing centers are reopening. Here’s what you need to know."

These are the first three paragraphs:
There’s good news and bad news for anyone waiting for a Global Entry card. The good news? Global Entry processing centers are reopening after a nearly six-month shutdown.

The bad news? It may be weeks or months before you can schedule the interview required for admission to the government’s Trusted Traveler program. And it might take even longer for a renewal.

Global Entry is the gold standard for expedited reentry into the United States. It provides accelerated security and customs clearance to preapproved, low-risk travelers. The program has grown from fewer than 15,000 members in 2009 to more than 7 million this year.

Part of the article is a very informative question and answer section.

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Passenger traffic is way down....why would someone desire expedited entry right now, or even in the short-term? I would assume that Global Entry has lost a lot of intrinsic value, just like airline lounges, because the context for those products has completely shifted.

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Agnes, mine will be due for renewal soon. I want to keep it current so that I don't have to apply again in the future and start over.