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US Customs Mobile Passport Control

Hi all,

It was suggested to download the US Customs and Border Patrol's mobile passport app:

Upon doing that, I scanned my passport and took a self-image and it looks like I am now in the system. Just to clarify, when the wheels touch down and I am in cell range on a runway, is when I log onto this app and begin my entry process by selecting mode of entry, airport, etc. Is that correct?

Also, at an airport -- say Dulles -- is it clear where to bring my physical passport and mobile device with digital QR-coded receipt to a CBP officer? I'm trying to decide if this is actually faster (since I don't have Global Entry or CLEAR) or if this is just confusing and I'm smarter to beeline off the plane and get in line asap.

Thank you!

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Depends on lines and how many planes have arrived. For a July arrival at Dulles, I used my Global Entry and my friend used Mobile Passport. We were close to the same finishing time but the regular lines were long. In Oct. did the same at Newark - friend took a bit longer than me but still faster than the line that used neither. Sunday at DFW, there was no one so the regular line finished only 3 minutes after I did with Global Entry. Usually there are good signs but you do need to look for them. And don’t be afraid to ask someone. If the line is huge, sometimes you have to go around people to get to the Mobile Passport line. Just depends.

And yes, just log in and complete the questions when you have landed and your cell service resumes.

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Note Travelmom's excellent suggestion to ask someone if there are no clear signs advising about Mobile Passport -- we asked at SFO and got whisked to the counter for processing (bypassing what seemed like hundreds of people in the "regular" line.)