US Credit Cards in Deutsche Bahn Ticket Machines?

Has anyone used a regular US credit card WITHOUT a chip in a Deutsche Bahn ticket machine recently? I've heard reports that they only take chip-and-PIN or cash. Thanks.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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I haven't used a card in a Bahn automat for some years (cash works), but a strip card worked then. I think it was a debit card, and I used my PIN. The online tutorial for Bahn automats on the Bahn website shows using a strip card. It even goes into detail on how to insert the card with the strip down to the left right. According to the tutorial, you will also need a PIN. Click "Automatentour" > "Erste Schritte am Automaten" > "Bezahlen am Automaten". To skip the part about paying with cash, click on the second half of the bar at the bottom "Bezahlen mit Karte".

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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This is sort of an inverse, half-answer. I have an IC card, but when I use it in the Deustche Bahn Automats, it doesn't require a PIN.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, I used a "regular US credit card" on a DB ticket problems. It was my Mastercard. It works. The DB ticket machines take both chip and pin credit cards as well as the magnetic stripe cards that Americans have.

Posted by Bob
South Bend, WA
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My Bank of America debit card, no chip, worked fine at a number of locations this April in Deutsche Bank machines. Did you mean bank or bahn?