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Up, Up and away.

Monday. It is sunrise on the east coast of the great south land. Flights are taking off to the shaky isles and vice versa.
Passports are needed, but vaccination is not. Quarantine requirements for this travel is not required.

Masks are required at airport surrounds and on flights. Elsewhere not needed. Sports grounds are now at full capacity, masks not required.

QR code registration is needed for entry to many establishments. Eg pubs, restaurants, hotels.

Governments in both countries acting on advice from their health/medical experts.

Sunday was a solemn day for both countries remembering the life of Prince Philip. Today we follow his advice and get on with it, safely.

Regards Ron

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So happy that you and the shaky islands to the east are beginning to be able to move about more freely now. Best of luck to all of you!

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"Today we follow his advice and get on with it, safely" - NIce words. Good luck.

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Good news Down Under. The rest of the world should be catching up, but we got so much farther behind, and that could take some time. We might need Passports and Vaccination Passports.

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My brother lives in WA. His lifestyle over the past few months has been very different to life here in the U.K..

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Around here the kids are on the fields doing their sports, movie theaters and restaurants are open, and life is steadily (or rapidly) returning to normal.

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Thanks all. Yes, a large quantum of luck has been consumed and will be needed till at least end of the year.

Apologies for being a little tardy in replying. Had a full workload on Monday. I finally sat down to watch the 9 O’clock news and it was dominated by film of euphoric travellers from both countries reuniting. Some seeing grandchildren for the first time. Makes one happy to see. Apparently, flights were close to full capacity. I then dropped off to sleep and was later awakened by my wife who had other reuniting in mind, but I was too tired. No doubt I will be disciplined later in the week.

To expand a little. Australia is New Zealand’s largest source of inbound travellers. For Australia, New Zealand was second to China. So now is likely to be number one for some time. It is hoped to expand this travel arrangement to include some Pacific Island nations and maybe Singapore in the next 3 or 4 months. Fiji was probably next, but yesterday morning, news came that after 12 months of no transmission, the sneaky virus snuck out of a quarantine facility. Not what was wanted.

I enjoy the South Island, especially Queenstown and surrounds. Permanently snow-clad mountains, freshwater lakes, glaciers and the majestic Aoraki crowned with the ever present long white cloud are a welcome contrast to the wide brown land. Reminds me of Italian and Swiss lake areas. We were last in there in June 2019. Being close, New Zealand normally requires little planning. The first 2 weeks of July are school holidays, will consider early August.

Our vaccination programs are going slowly and are confronting hurdles. The current plan is for completion by end of year. Anticipate that I will receive my callup next month. The CEO of the flying kangaroo (more the domestic bouncing wallaby for the present), Joycee, is planning for international flights from end of October. Governments are praying he is on the money. Federal government is suggesting strongly that international borders are like to stay closed for remainder of the year.

Patience and a good dose of humour is most helpful. Time is a traveller.

Regards Ron