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If I were going from , say Berlin to Greece, it would be done by a train and ferry combination. One could still avoid flying if one rejected that option.

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Yeah, Jon Worth regularly points out problems with cross-border train travel, but he's mostly speaking for and about business travellers like him who are less tolerant of delays and booking issues.

Yep, there's embodied carbon in railway lines, but still less than short-haul flights. Also remember that railway tunnels can last centuries if they're properly looked after.

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This is another tempest in a teacup. The most popular areas in Europe
for the rich Europeans that are supposedly shunning planes for trains
cannot be reached by trains.

Tell me you don't understand his project without telling me you don't understand his project.

Also what is the carbon footprint of steel rails blasted through

Negligible compared to the carbon footprint of flying.