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United SFO terminal question--domestic or international?

I always fly direct to Europe for my connections, but my upcoming trip to Edinburgh has me connecting through Dulles and I am wondering which terminal I will check in at SFO--am I domestic or international? I think domestic, but don't want confusion that day. It's not noted on the email confirmation.

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I would think domestic, then you transfer to the international terminal at Dulles. I usually fly to Europe from Sacramento and often change planes in San Francisco. I arrive in a domestic terminal and then go to the international terminal for my international flight.

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Thank you both! I did a bit of poking around and looks like T3 is the one being used for this flight as well as others with a US connection.

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That’s correct. United uses T3 for domestic flights and the G gates in the international terminal for flights to international destinations. There’s a walkway that connects the two terminals airside. So no security screening necessary if connecting.

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I would just wait and see where your gate is when you arrive at SFO. I do know that in other cities, like Chicago, you sometimes will leave out of the international terminal and land in Dulles Int'l Terminal and board a flight to Europe or quite possibly reboard the same plane and continue on to Europe. This way, unless you leave the international terminal, you are already set for international travel.

This might happen to you if there are many other passengers headed from SFO to international destinations on your flight through Dulles.

I would just wait and see to be sure.

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United leaves and arrives from Concourse G as does other Stat Alliance Carriers. I refuse to fly on United but that's another story.