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United's 700-200ER

I was hit by a car while cycling this past summer and was busted & broken pretty good. My lasting reminder is that my left knee does not have much of any flex. I'm trying to identify those seats where I'll be able to sit and want to sit.

Specifically United's Premium Plus on their 777-200ER, Row 20 A, B & K L seats, I'm curious if anyone has actually sat in those seats or happens to know the distance is between the seats and the bulkhead? I've scoured the internet and Premium Plus reviews are too general and either full of hyperbole saying such things as, "Bulkhead seats offer almost unlimited legroom,..." or "...the bulkhead row has lots of extra legroom..." or the photographs show the seats, but no one sitting in them so it's difficult to get scale.

Right now I really want to focus on row 20 and from photos/videos the bulkhead looks to be most ideal. I would just like to have an idea of the actual space. I'm anxious to travel again and just want to be able to do my thing, head off any issues and take care of myself.

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Seatguru ceased operation in 2021.

Whether UAL has changed the seat configuration since then .....??

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I would call United to talk to a human being explaining your medical situation, to get the best seat for your requirements. They can be very helpful.

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TripAdvisor doesn't maintain and update Seatguru anymore, and it's a unless site. Try a site like Aerolopa -- . I've used the site in the past to determine window alignment.

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I also recommend calling the airline and talking to someone. After my husband had ACL replacement, he had issues needing to stretch his leg. I called the airline and spoke to an agent. We were seated in an exit row in economy. There was about 5-6 feet of leg room. It was great because he could fully straighten his leg and stand up when needed. Definitely more room the just a bulkhead seat.

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Then you saw the seat layout and width and pitch information for the 777-200ER.

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511 posts provides detailed information for different carriers and their specific aircraft. Scroll down to the area that indicates “seat maps of popular airlines.” Select your airline, tap on aircraft type, tap on configuration type, then use the drop down menu to see details for seats in each class.

You can also access airlines using the alphabetical list.

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The Premium Plus seats in the bulkhead provide enough space to put your legs straight out. I am 5’9” and put my cabin bag against the bulkhead. This allows me sit with my legs straight out and propped up in the bag. None of the other Premium Plus seats are worth it to me. They have a minimal amount of extra leg space. The small footrest is not useful if you need to keep your legs straight.