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United lounge London Heathrow

Has anyone used this lounge within the last few weeks? I am seriously considering getting a day pass but want to make sure that it’s worth it. I have a layover of about three hours after going through immigration. Also, how far is it from the gates? Will be traveling onward on Aegean. Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks for the flight connections link. I will definitely put that in my notebook to use on the trip. I have actually never visited an airport lounge. I didn’t even know you could do a day pass for your airline much less go to any other lounges. I thought they were just for business class. Thanks all for the links. I will be sure to look into them!

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If you play around with the United website you'll see that you can pull up airport maps that show exactly where the lounges are located, with their opening/closing hours and amenities. (Some lounges are reserved for super premium flyers and do not accept day passes.) There may be several in the same airport, with different hours. You can also find out which gate your flight LEAVING Heathrow might be using by going to your airline's website, plugging in the same flight, by number, to see what gate it is using today. Still, I usually make a list of the United (my usual airline) lounges in a given airport, by gate location and opening times, when I expect a layover of several hours, as gates can change frequently. That way, when I land, I can check which gate my next flight will be leaving from, and choose the lounge closest to that gate.

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A one time lounge pass for United costs $59. Personally, for a three hour layover I wouldn't pay that. I have access to all the lounges at Heathrow with the exception of The Concorde Room (unless I'm flying First Class) due to my loyalty status with BA and I wouldn't consider that three hours in any of them is worth $59 per person. Whilst some of the lounges are very nice, Cathay Pacific and The Concorde Room in particular, the American airline lounges aren't that great although they've upped their game in places such as Heathrow where the competition has forced them to.

Three hours in the terminal can pass quite quickly especially if you sit down somewhere to eat (the food at American airline lounges is notoriously poor and British Airways food has gone downhill within the last couple of years) so I would rather spend my money on something half decent. A leisurely browse through the shops or just finding a seat and reading for a bit will pass the time however it's ultimately up to you. If you want to experience an airline lounge then Heathrow is one of the better locations (the Middle East carriers domestic lounges top the charts) and you feel the money is justifiable for somewhere quieter and more comfortable then go for it.

I have no idea how far the United lounge will be from your gate.

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This discussion just shows what a relative term "value" is. For some, $59 for three hours in a different waiting area with some snacks seems like money wasted. For others, $59 in a separate waiting area from the crowds and some refreshments, clean bathrooms, etc seems like money well spent.

I like being able to have a quieter, more spaced out area to wait in and like going in airport lounges when available. Priority Pass Membership comes with my credit card and I feel I get my money's worth from my card fees between all of the benefits.

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If you are not in a hurry (like flying in the next week) and this is truly a United lounge, then if you get the United Explorer credit card it comes with 2 free passes. They will appear in your united account within several days, annual credit card fee is waived the first year. The free car rental insurance is awesome with this card also. Usually the sign up bonus is pretty good if you can make the spend requirement, something like 60,000 miles for spending $3000 in 3 months.

Count on some free house drinks, some appetizers and desserts, and comfy chairs. It may be pretty busy when you are there.

As to value, I used a free pass recently when there was a mechanical delay on the connection (coming off a previous mechanical delay on the first flight getting started) and the lounge was a delight for a weary soul. Wine and burritos never tasted so good.

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==>"A one time lounge pass for United costs $59"<==

Let's just say $59 for a one time lounge pass only amounts a "MSRP". Truth is United tends to offers significantly discounted one time passes as part of United Travel Option Bundles for booked flights. I'm holding an offer for a pass for United's lounge at LHR for $30.