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United flights—cheapest prices I’ve seen recently

I did it. Not sure if it’s a wise choice. But United had the cheapest open jaw prices I’ve seen in a long time and cheaper than their competition. In fact the same flights dropped$100 from yesterday morning to last night.
Phoenix is not a cheap market. I bought refundable tickets PHX to LHR, connecting thru IAD, and VCE home to PHX, connecting thru EWR, for $1422. That price included the refundable surcharge of $250, cheap peace of mind. This is for September. I’m OK with Economy as long as I can get my aisle seat.
I hadn’t planned to buy this early but as I said it was the cheapest I’d seen. Yes, I know a lot can change in the next 10 months. If anything goes bad, I can get my money back, not just a credit.

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Congratulations ! Doesn't it always feel nice when you have those tickets “in hand”?!

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I was looking at prices for the UK and for Italy last night, and they have certainly gone up quite a bit since people began traveling again.
Way over here on the West Coast we seldom see a really great bargain....if we do we jump on it!

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That looks like a pretty good deal, especially for refundable. Too bad you have to connect through US airports -- though maybe that's easier than dealing with possible third-country Covid rules next fall. I like to get across the ocean first so I'm on the right continent if I miss a connection.

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We’re in the DC area. I checked flights I’d been tracking for the spring on United to Europe but, alas, no change. I’ll keep following.

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A few months ago, we got business class tickets for $1800 RT into Munich and out of Frankfurt, for April 2022, [with the 10% discount from the BA visa.]
Will really hurt ever spending more than that in the future.
Safe travels!

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I followed my own advice which was to look for airfare sales this week (Thanksgiving) as in the past, there were good sales But unfortunately it didn't happen this year. I've been following the big three (United, Delta, AA - no budget airlines here) for awhile, for a trip next May, and the economy fares jumped 30-70% since last month. Some in the clearly outrageous zone, with some convoluted routing as well. With the added bonus of uncertainty in schedules, I think the airfare situation is just as likely to impact the ability to travel and take my RS tour as the COVID situation.

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We just got Delta Comfort+ (step up from basic economy with more foot room) -- into Munich and out of Zurich for September 2022 for $1013 per ticket (refundable). We are pleased as we usually pay $1300-1400 for basic coach.

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Delta Comfort+ (step up from basic coach, bigger seats with more foot room)

More legroom, yes, but (sadly) the same seats as in the rest of the coach cabin.

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I flew delta comfort + last week domestically. The seats were the same size, but the legroom made a big difference as did the reserved space in the overhead bins. I also like being at the front of the cabin.