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United flight operated by Lufthansa, do luggage restrictions change?

I'm going to Germany and my airline is United. There's a layover in D.C and the United flight becomes operated by Lufthansa. My question is, do the United luggage restrictions still apply or will my bag have to fit Lufthansa standards? It is a United flight, just a United flight operated by Lufthansa.
My return is the same way, so I want to know now, so there aren't any surprises.

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Sarah, I've flown code share flights with Lufthansa on a number of occasions, and never encountered any issues with luggage. I typically travel with a Backpack (checked), Daypack (carry-on) and Camera bag (carry-on). Normally, the luggage regulations of the airline operating the flight apply, so if you're travelling with large and heavy luggage, you could have a problem. I suspect you've already checked this, but if not: Happy travels!

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My experience is that who ever is staffing the gate will apply their rules. If Lufthansa is doing the checkin they will apply their rules. I have stood on more than one Lufthansa line and watch them be very picky about the size of carry on. I have never been weighed but the size was checked by the notorious little box.

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"I have never been weighed but the size was checked by the notorious little box". That's interesting, because in packing, I find I get to the weight limit before I fill my sub-regulation sized bag. It's the same aircraft all the way, right. As long as you don't get off in D.C. and have to recheck-in you might get past Lufthansa's tighter restrictions, but you might as well adhere to the Lufthansa carryon size (21.62" L) and weight (17.6#) going 'cause you'll have to abide by them coming back.

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I was going to have problems with my daypack carry on weight for a layover from one airline to Lufthansa on my return flight - there were tons of young adults with huge heavy bags in the line in front of me - checking and carry on. I was surprised about the difference in weight allowances between airlines for carry on bags. The Lufthansa agent was considering having me check it. He asked what was in it and I showed him my camera gear. He said there is no way he would check his camera gear and was not going to make me check my camera gear. I was happy but you need to be prepared for surprises.

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Ok thank you :) I'll just makesure that my carry on fits into all the airline restrictions.