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United Airlines Trialing Free Covid Testing

Press release linked below. The highlights....

  • Trial runs from November 16th to December 11th on 3 weekly flights between EWR and LHR.
  • Tests are free for all those 2 years and older
  • If you don't want to take the test, you'll be put on a different flight
  • Their hope is to show that this sort of program can be used instead of quarantines and other travel restrictions

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it won't remove or get around the requirements here.

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I love that the airlines are trying these programs. I would feel so much more at ease on a flight like this, knowing that everyone had been tested, including myself and the travelers sitting next to me.

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I am glad to see this. Our current situation is, in fact, quite bleak. But maybe some trials like this (if they work) can encourage others - whether it’s international air travel, or simply workplace screening. The more tools like this we have, the better our chances of getting a handle on things. As much as I continue to hope for an effective, readily available vaccine, steps like this may also help us along the way.

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it won't remove or get around the requirements here.

And nobody said it would.

As stated, it's a trial--they are trying something, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. But, as others have noted, I appreciate them trying. And, also as noted above, at least you know everyone else on your flight has been tested right before the flight.