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Stuck in Luxembourg until Thursday? Yipes!

18 days before I fly into LHR; hope this isn't a portent of things to come.

-- Mike Beebe

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Our regular travel companions are at Dublin airport now (we skipped this trip for Croatia) and they have to fly to Madrid at 7:40 PM then depart tomorrow morning at 10:00 to Miami. They texted they were minutes from boarding their Plane when it was cancelled.

We’re flying BA to Zagreb this Sunday through Heathrow. Hope it’s fixed by then. Luckily we’re just visiting family so a delay won’t be a problem, just an annoyance.

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Yikes! Now at 21 days until our flight through LHR. Sure hope there’s an excellent fix for the system by then. Some of you are traveling sooner, so I really hope it’s fixed for your travels.

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LNER are providing free train travel for those affected by this incident-

Free Standard Class travel for customers affected by Air Traffic Control technical issue on Monday 28 August 2023
Following a UK Air Traffic Control technical issue on Monday 28 August 2023, some customers may need to return home earlier than originally planned.

LNER is offering free Standard Class travel for those affected and for anyone whose flight back to the UK has resulted in them landing at a different airport, or who is travelling on a different date than originally planned, meaning their journey home will involve a trip along the LNER route.

Customers will be asked to present their airline ticket or boarding pass to make use of this offer, which will run across the 28th and 29th of August 2023.

The issue was remedied by 1532. What remains is residual effects.

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Headed to Edinburgh on Sunday - 1st trip to Scotland after years of waiting. Flying back to the States from LHR in 3 weeks - Praying all goes well for not only our journey, but for all the like-minded and fellow travelers out there. Happy and Safe Travels.