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Uber in England

Has anyone had some recent experience with using UBer in England? They just received permission from the government to start up again? Specifically talking about London and Brighton.

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Since the introduction of advance fare notification customers are increasingly finding that their bookings are being cancelled by drivers turning to more lucrative fares. It is not unknown for this to occur repeatedly with anecdotal accounts of some people being cancelled five or six times in a row. There is also the issue of surge pricing which is becoming a problem particularly as drivers are also working for other companies. People are reporting that they've ended up turning to a Black Cab and finding that the fare was cheaper than the one quoted by Uber! It looks like the Uber bubble has burst in the UK.

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My daughter and I took Uber several times in London September 21-23. Many of the trips were quite short - she had a hurt foot and couldn’t walk much. We had no problems with cancellations or anything else.

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I am also happy with the experiences with many Uber drivers. When using Uber, I can easily receive information about any promotion, with just a swipe of the screen, the promotion information will appear.