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U.S. Rental Car Rates Appear to Have Dropped -- Re-Price Your Reservation

I'm picking up a rental car from Enterprise here in Washington DC this week for a trip to see my family. The original one-week rental (reserved a few months ago) was priced at $575. I've just checked and the going rate is now $430, so I've made a new reservation and canceled the old one.

If you have an impending reservation, check to see whether you can get a better rate now.

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Good to check. We checked our Kauai rental for next month recently and they still are very limited on cars and the price is $$ more than we reserved months ago but we keep checking.

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Thanks for reminding me to check. I just rebooked an existing reservation for about $300 less.

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This happened to me twice over the summer. I had booked cars in spring. When I had trouble changing one of the reservations on line I looked into just cancelling it and booking another and saved hundreds.

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Mona, in Kauai, we are going to give Turo a try unless car rental prices go down. Hawaii is considered one of the worst for rental car prices right now.

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And re-check with other companies. For my fall US road trip, I found a rate 2/3 the cost of the one I had earlier found with a different company. For a 3 week rental, it was real money.