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U.S.A. Passports

I was informed, very recently, that the United States of America government (Department of State) will stop issuing Passports in the year 2021. Will that really happen ?

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Cindy H, I found that article also. But nowhere does it talk about changes to or elimination of passports. It's only referring to Visas. I guess it's possible that the OP misread or misunderstood this information.

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ETIAS will be additional travel authorization very similar to the ESTA (details in link below) currently required for visitors traveling to the U.S. under the 90-day Visa Waiver Program. This will be required for visitors able to travel to/within the Schengen for a dictated amount of time (90 days for American citizens) under the VWP.

It is not a visa and is in addition to a valid passport. It also doesn't allow a visitor to work or go to school. ESTA currently has to be renewed every 2 years so we're getting a break with a 3-year ETIAS lifespan. :O). Yeah, sort of a pain but I don't that expect our friends abroad who've had to have ESTA authorization for awhile now feel very sorry for us!

Is this what you think you heard about, Ron?

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Since passports are, at least in many Western countries, becoming just a fancy booklet to contain the important chip, I guess there will be a time when countries decide to stop issuing them in the traditional format and instead just have a mobile phone "app" or something. Some borders you can already lawfully cross without a traditional passport and no need for immigration stamps - plenty in Europe for example. But it's going to need international agreements to do away with passports entirely, I suspect.

In the meantime, here's Bill Bryson on the joy of having the best passport:

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I appreciate all the replies here. I will talk to my friend who said the U.S.A. will stop issuing Passports. I am aware of a reason why the U.S.A. government might stop issuing passports.

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I am aware of a reason why the U.S.A. government might stop issuing
passports. It would be to prevent very many U.S.A. citizens from
migrating to an other country. I will not say, here, the reason why
very many people will want to migrate to an other country, because it
is very disturbing

Ron, the government has NO plan to stop issuing passports to U.S. citizens. Really. In fact, they're holding special fairs to help people who've never had one to obtain one!

So don't worry about whatever your friend told you, OK?