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Type/brand of car to rent in Sicily

We are wanting to rent a car in Sicily (one direction; Catania airport to Trapani airport) for a few days in April. We want a car with a trunk to conceal our luggage when we stop for side trips, etc. Any suggestions on brands?

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I believe some hire car firms have a premium service where you can specify the car model, but in my experience generally most companies say something like "VW Golf or similar" with no promise of a particular marque or model.

Based only on observation, I'd also say most popular car models on the road in the small/mid/family ranges are hatchbacks & cross-overs rather than saloons that have a separate boot (or "trunk") compartment. However the luggage area under the "hatch" normally has a cover so what's in the boot cannot be seen from outside. If you must have a separate boot, you may need to go for something in the more luxurious category such as a bigger Merc or Audi.

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We used EUROPCAR and were given an Alpha Romeo “ Giulia” an upgrade. Big trunk, a regular trunk, not accessible like a hatch back from inside car. Drove like a dream too. Picked up at Palermo airport, dropped it off in Siracusa, a block or two from Ortigia Island.

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As Nick has said, the vast majority of small and medium-sized European cars are hatchbacks or the similar cross-over, and we drive them without having our luggage stolen. I have a Nissan Qashqai, and even if I don't use the cover in order to have a bit more space, you really cannot see what is inside the boot because of the tinted glass and reflections. The most important thing to avoid theft from your car is not leave anything visible on the seats which could be of value, including coats, and to take with you things like phones, money, cards and passports which it would be inconvenient to lose.

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I was worried when our Sicily rental car was a hatchback with a cover, rather than having a separate trunk. Then we noticed - almost all the other cars (not just rentals) were the same.

So, as long as all your stuff fits in back with the hatchback cover fully hiding it, you're fine. Do be sure to look at the amount of luggage the various car sizes will hold. Even though there were only two of us, we needed a larger car just to have enough luggage storage.