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Turkish Airlines Rebooking Policy

Hi all,

Turkish Airlines just expanded their rebooking policy, but I'm not fully understanding it.

"For tickets purchased before March 31, 2020, for flights taking place up to December 31, 2020 we are charging a Zero Change Fee. If you still do not know your exact date to fly, you can cancel the reservation and keep your ticket as an open ticket to use later. When you request a change for your ticketed flight, your first change will be applied free of charge. If your travel plans change, use your Zero Change Fee privilege and enjoy the flexible flight opportunity."

They say "cancel the reservation," but is this essentially just putting the ticket on hold until I rebook later? It doesn't mention actually refunding money.

Thanks for your insight - trying to figure this out before wasting hours trying to get through to their call center!

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My interpretation (worth exactly as much as I am charging you for it) is that there will be one free change allowed, but you cannot cancel and get your money back.

I assume you'd also have to pay any difference in the original fare and the fare on the new flight, but the language you've quoted doesn't say that (and it should).

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Wow, thanks for the quick reply!

The airline did specify that the flier would have to pay any fare differences (included in the terms & conditions, which I didn't post here for length). I was mainly confused about the "If you still do not know your exact date to fly, you can cancel the reservation" bit, but sadly you're probably right about the refund!