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We flew home from Madrid yesterday, encountered any number of officials in Madrid and Atlanta airports and I didn't see anyone in any uniform wearing a mask. Some were wearing gloves. I was surprised how busy ATL was. I heard someone in the media say ATL was a ghost town but that certainly wasn't my experience in terminals E or C. The Sky Club in C was packed. My connecting flight was nearly full.

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Flew from IAH (Houston) to DEN yesterday. Went through TSA security as fast as I could walk, no lines at all for any version of security. All TSA and police were wearing gloves, saw no one in the entire airport wearing a mask. Airport was less busy than normal for a mid week time, but still lots of people flying. Others on my flight out of Houston mentioned they were connecting from international flights and getting through the TSA recheck took over 2 hours due to lack of staff (can't verify or validate unfortunately).

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Supposed to fly into and out of San Jose next week. Husband going to business critical work, I was tagging along. No ideas yet. Long ago I did think these guys touch everything.

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The TSA is now instructing people not to put personal items--wallets, phones, keys, etc--in bins. They want you to put them in your hand luggage. They also suggest you wash your hands before and after the screening.

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We arrived at SJC yesterday from our Central Europe trip. BA flight from London was only about 25% full. Only the customs official collecting customs declaration or GE receipts was wearing a mask. We were out of there in about 20 minutes. We are home safe but decided to self-quarantine for 14 days.

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Santa Clara county has shut down all schools and imposed a ban on gatherings greater than 100 people.

Please stay away.