Trying to figure out airfare now that kids are joining the travels

My husband and I normally go oversees every few years and fly in low season late Feb timeframe. Now we are wanting to take the kids along and are suffering sticker shock on airfare with prices during the summer. From DFW wanting to do 4 days in Rome and then train/ferry to Athens and a few of the islands for 10 -14 days total. We are seeing prices of 1500 per pax, 6 k just for airfare just seems insane. We have paid 800 RT from DFW/FCO in the past. Any tips on lowering the cost closer to 1k? Kids will be 10, 8 next summer. Many thanks,

Posted by Sharon
Fort Worth, Tx, USA
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Good idea Lola,
Glad to know I am not the only one considering this option.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Nope - First Feb is low season and summer is high season. And it looks like European fares are higher this year and will stay high. The total number of seats available for international travel has been greatly reduced by the airline mergers and consolidations so they do not have to discount as many seats as in the past. There is no ferry from Rome to Athens and train travel is long so should consider a flight. You might price a three leg trip - Rome,Athens, home. In total that could be cheaper. Which travel dates are you considering?

Posted by Sharon
Fort Worth, Tx, USA
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Thanks for the reply Frank. I am planning for this trip for 2014. I have been watching summer airfare since last year and was hoping the prices were because of the Olympics, guess not. I might end up doing this trip over thanksgiving or spring break and just pull the kids out for an extra week. They have been perfect attendance since Kindergarten and I hate to change it but this would be a great educational trip. Hmmm decisions. I am going to call STA and see if the kids qualify for a reduced student fare.
Trying to get creative with pricing ;)

Posted by Lola
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Our solution was to go on spring break. the flight departs in the evening, so we would fly on Thursday night and get a ten-day trip with only one day of school missed. Prices are much better in April than in summer.