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Tripod in carry-on bags?

Has anyone had any experience getting a smallish camera tripod thru security at airports recently? I did a search and there a few posts here and there about tripods but nothing with concrete info.

We are not checking any bags and I want to take my tripod for some night shots in Italy. We are leaving Seattle stopping in Paris (CDG) and then flying into Rome. Has anyone had any issues bringing the tripod along?

I've also looked at the joby products, but I think that is a last resort if I'm not able to get the tripod on the airplane.

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I just took mine (a gorilla-pod brand) on board - i even took it out of the pack and put it with the 3-1-1 bag and told the lady "its a tri-pod" and they appreicated it (as it looks a bit odd - its a super-flexible tripod and may not seem obvious due to its design/shape!) So you wont have a problem. I noticed one brand had a quick-release spring loaded mechanism - not sure if that would be ok - but a regular small one compact in your bag is fine...

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Hi Heath ....
I recently read an article in a monthly photography magazine written by a professional photographer on the subject of taking a tripod along on photo shoots in foreign countries.
The author recounted times in foreign locales where he had set up his camera on tripod, but before taking photos, was approached by a policemen or an alleged "official" and questioned about his photogrqaphy permit. Whether there was a need for permit or not, those instances were only resolved by payment of a 'fee' to the policeman, etc.
The magazine article bottom line is this:- the photographer recommended use of a small bean bag in lieu of a tripod. With a bit of practice, he maintained, it serves as well as a tripod - and avoids calling attention to the act of photography. Photography bean bags are available at photography retail stores, he said.
Have a great trip ! ... P.