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There are many threads discussing travel insurance on this site. Go to the search bar at the top of the page and type in Trip Insurance or Travel Insurance.

You can go to General Europe or France or Italy. Then go to the search bar at the top of the page.

I take a cruise once a year and Allianz has been highly recommended by other cruise passengers.

No one ever knows how good insurance is going to be until we need to use it and I hope that you do not.

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We only insure non refundable hotels or, if on a tour, cover the whole tour cost if non refundable.

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We always get Allianz Family plan through Triple A in case of Medical emergency, from what the travel agent there told us, that is the most important reason to have it. On our upcoming trip however, we didn't insure the entire cost of the trip because almost everything we booked, we could cancel ourselves if necessary. Norway in a Nutshell is one of the few things that is non-refundable but our flights, hotels, ferries, train are possible to cancel and get refund if we follow cancellation policy as far as time frame.

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Welcome to the forum! The location of your post is fine. Doesn't everyone look at the forums based on the All Topics view? That way you can scroll down literally ALL TOPICS and see what is of interest to you.

What do you want to cover? Medical expenses? Medical Evacuation? Cost of a tour? Cost of your plane ticket? Lost luggage? Cancel for any reason (which actually is NOT cancel for ANY reason...there are rules about what you are allowed to cancel for)? The more we know what you are looking for the better your advice can be. Or sometimes when you are just starting out you don't realize what you don't know.

As mentioned above, many choose to cover only things booked that are non-refundable. It also depends on how much exposure your budget can tolerate if something goes south. I get a good amount of Med-evac insurance because if something drastic happens I want to be flown back home. That might not be someone else's goal! My Medicare supplement covers international medical care, others' insurances don't so you have to take a look at that.

You can also go to the insurance websites like or to look at comparisons.

I sometimes book thru Allianz because it's right there on the Delta booking page, lol. Sometimes I use Travel Guard. Sometimes I just use MedJet Assist for evac insurance. I've never had to file a claim and that is really where the rubber hits the road. Some people here and on Trip Advisor have horror stories about Allianz and TravelGuard. Some have wonderful outcomes. You won't know until you file a claim.

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As the others have noted, there are many companies who insure for travel. Allianz has gotten good reviews. I sometimes use USAA, but that is only available for ex-military. Geo Blue provides insurance for medical evacuation. I just booked an expensive tour and opted to buy the "Cancel for any Reason" provided by the tour company. So as Pam noted above, more details would be helpful. :)

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Take some time to decide what you really want to insure. Is it the entire trip, medical, evacuation etc? That is going to have a bearing on what you may require. If it is medical, make sure and evaluate your current medical coverage as most trip medical insurance may default to your current medical insurance. We no longer purchase insurance on a trip basis. Now we carry an annual policy from Allianz as it covers us for international trips up to 90 days at a time plus an evacuation policy from MedJet. We look for Allianz to get us to the nearest hospital and MedJet to get us to our hospital at home. In addition we have funds available to handle a Drs. visit and meds if we have a minor illness or injury. The Drs. are not going to take your insurance policy and bill the company directly like in the USA.