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trip from Versailles to Paris

We will drop our car in Versailles and need to get to Paris. What is the best way to do that with luggage.

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How much luggage? Because the RER commuter train is the easiest way to get into Paris and then connect to the Metro.

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Re luggage: Take only as many pieces as you can handle by yourself going up or down, and probably both, 50 to 125 stairs with persons rushing to get somewhere. On the RER----it's a lot cheaper than a cab----you will have to move each piece from the aisle way or the exit when someone wants to exit or enter past your seat, if you have one. There is no luggage section, no red caps to help but French persons of both sexes will often help you or carry some of your luggage for you though you will not know at the moment if the person is a good neighbor Sam or a thief. With excess luggage, think of yourself as 3 ton blob, unknowing and unfeeling. With one piece of baggage on wheels and a shoulder bag, though you are still in the way, you are now a struggling tourist, not an affront to French sensibilities.

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Thank you for your reply. We will only have one suitcase on wheels each and maybe two very small carryons that fit on top of the suitcases.