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Trip from Rome to Pisa to Venice

Hello All I am travelling to Europe for first time and have most of the trip planned. I need advice on 1 day of trip when we start from Rome in morning for Pisa to visit leaning tower only and not to climb it. Then rent a car to drive to Venice to reach there by evening. I am travelling with my wife and 2 year old. Please advice if this trip is feasible and right to do? Please suggest alternatives.

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It's a lot of travel time just to see the tower, but if your heart is set on it, You can leave Rome at 08:07 am and arrive Pisa at 10:57 am, so almost 3 hours. Your drive to Venice is estimated (courtesy of Google Maps) at just nder 4 hours. I have not been to Pisa, so no idea how long one might spend seeing the tower. Perhaps an hour plus time for lunch? Only you and you wife can decide if 7 hours of travel time is worth it to see one site. Personally, I'd take a train from Rome to Venice and forget Pisa unless you plan a few days in Tuscany. The Leaning Tower has never called to me.... La Serenissima however, beckons.

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I don't get why you would go by train all the way to Pisa, from where it is easy to get to Venice by train yet rent a car which you will have to dispose of before you can enjoy Venice? Why, Atul? Is there something you want to see on the way? Otherwise it makes no sense to me.

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I would agree with Atul that your best bet would be to take a train from Pisa to Venice, since cars are useless in Venice anyways. It will be a long day, but is feasible. When you reach Pisa you can either take a bus to the tower, or walk which will take about 30 minutes.

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You can get to Pisa even earlier on a direct IC train that leaves Rome at 06:10 and arrives at 08:57. You can get from Pisa to Venice in less than four hours by taking a regional train to Florence and a high-speed EuroStar Italia train from there to Venice. There is frequent service all day long. For detailed timetables see the German Rail site. For fares along with detailed timetables see the Trenitalia site.

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IMHO, a train all the way to Venice is your best choice. Your 2-year old rides for no cost on Trenitalia trains. However, there is no guaranteed seat. Unless you wish to divert with the car to see other areas, the car just won't be that useful. With advance mini-fares on Trenitalia (except for Regionale-class trains), your train costs can be competitive with the cost of a rental car.

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my wife and i did the trip this summer .we took the high speed train from rome to florence about 2 hours.stayed a few days.took the regional train to pisa.walked right from the station to the tower about 30 minute walk.spent an hour or so then back on the train back to florence. the high speed train from florence to venice is the way to go. enjoy the trip