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Trick theives in copenhagen

The Danish police are warning all foreign tourists about trick theives that come in the summer months.They operate especially on the walking street and main copenhagen station.
The Danish police cannot get rid of them because they are EU
citizens- they get a small fine and thats that
They come from the old east block countries who are members of the EU.
Be on your guard.

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Could you be a bit more specific as to what they do?

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Yes, please, what exactly is a trick thief?

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or, if you can post the actual verbage from the Danish police (ie: web link) that would be more helpful.

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The trick is a sort of game- with three small boxes one with a small ball under it and then one places a bet and then they trick theives twist the small boxes around and one cannot see where the small ball is.many a tourist has lost their money.

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It's a spin on "Three Card Monty." One of the oldest con games around. I used to see it in NYC all the times. Usually a tiny pea under what looked like almond shell halves.

Anyone foolish enough to get suckered in deserves to lose their money.

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Best piece of advice ever anywhere, not just Europe, is that if something seems too good to be true it likely is. Especially if offered by someone you don't know.

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marilyn, that's the classic "Shell game", and as the others mentioned it's one of the oldest scams in existence. Usually the operator of the game has one or more "shills" in the audience, who seem to win on a regular basis. This gives the impression that it's easy to win, so unsuspecting people decide to put their money down and give it a try (of course, their luck doesn't last too long!). You'll likely see that in other countries as well.

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That is nothing to get excited about. One of the oldest con games around AND you have to participate. It is called gambling and you should expect to lose. Don't play, don't lose -- pretty simple.

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Call it what you will 'Find the Lady'; 'Three Card Monty', 'Cup and Ball', etc. etc. It's actually a great piece of street theatre if it's performed correctly.

On any given Saturday you can find a couple of guys performing the three card trick on an upturned suitcase in an alleyway off Oxford Street in London.

It's a close up, slieght of hand, magic performance and if David Copperfield did this sort of stuff in Vegas you'de pay good money to watch. These guys are skilled in the art of slieght of hand.

Should you play ? Goodness no ( unless all that excess cash is wearing a hole in your wallet ) !

Should you watch ? Oh yes ! It's worth it for the running jokes and the skill and dexterity.

Only a fool expects to win, but I've been known to part with a 'Lady Godiver' = 'a fiver' = GBP5.00 as payment for watching twenty minutes fast, skillful entertainment.