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trenitilia train florence to cinque terra

I am trying to get from Florence to Cinque Terra using the Trenitalia website. The search results come up with nothing when I type in Florence to Pisa or Florence to La Spezia for any days in mid to late June. Does anyone know if this means the trains are already booked? If that is the case, any suggestions on other options for getting from Florence to cinque Terra? Thanks!

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First, you need to use the correct name and spelling -- Firenze (Florence). Second, rarely, if ever, sell out - too many trains, too much capacity - so try it with Firenze.

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The new train schedules come out in mid-June. Trenitalia is generally very late in getting schedules for after that date loaded onto the website. The trains are definitely not booked. You could check schedules for late May if you just want to get an idea.

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Thanks so much. I did have the correct spelling on the website so it must be that the schedules are not out yet. It is good to know that they do not sell out!

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Laurie, most of the trains that go from Florence to the CT cannot sell out. No seat reservations permitted either. They are local trains that make every stop. Like buses, you buy your ticket, validate your ticket in the little yellow box when in Italy, get on and find a seat. If no seat, you can stand. Wait until you see the packed Regionale trains in the CT between the towns. It's OK. Plenty of trains. As explained above, Trenitalia is not yet showing their new scehdules. They will show you a few of the fast trains that go between Florence and Pisa but no Regionale runs which comprise the large majority of trains to the CT.

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Laurie, As the others have mentioned, you should have no difficulty getting from Florence to the Cinque Terre, as there are numerous trains every day. To get an approximate idea, use a date in the near future, on the same day of the week that you'll be traveling. I just checked using a Wednesday in early June, and found a number of trains on that route, some with one change in Pisa. Happy travels!