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Trenitalia types of tickets

so we plan to go first class double compartment. I am going to try and book throughTrenitalia using my Canadian CC and hope it works as it is verified through visa. In looking at the site there are many different fare options. such as smart, flexi ect. when I click for more information the pop up is not loading anything.

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All my prior knowledge about Italian train fares just was cancelled. I think Trenitalia has decided to join the confusing world of advance fare discounts. Which may also lead to an increase in the base fares. The old Amica discount fare is gone. It is my understanding that there is a new discount structure in place -- 60%, 30% 15% with new restrictions and availability. Greater the discount, the less flexibility. Probably so new that the pop up windows are not loaded. It is new world.

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From exchanging PMs with you, I know something that Frank doesn't: namely, that you are looking for fares on international night trains.

The Smart fare and the Moove fare are offered for couchettes but not for sleepers. For sleepers the cheapest advance discount fare is a Go fare, followed by a Switch fare, followed by a Flexi (full price) fare. The cheaper the fare, the faster the allotted number of tickets for it sell out.