Trenitalia train discounted fare

Hi! does anyone here know the discounted fare of Trenitalia? when i tried purchasing a ticket from Rome to Pisa on the "fare" option which should i choose? thank you

Posted by Bob
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Hi nanette. Where the different fares are displayed, look for an 'i' in a circle for explanation of each type. 'Standard' is basic second class, which is fine. The base choice is the full fare, which can be exchanged or refunded, the economy and super economy are discount fares if you are willing to commit to an exact date and time. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Frank
Wilmington, DE
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Buy Super Economy if available (often EUR 19 - sometimes EUR 9), and Economy (usually EUR 29) if Super Economy is sold out. Those are 2nd class discount fares. Super Economy 1st class fares of EUR 29 are sometimes still available when Super Economy 2nd class fares are sold out. Might as well go 1st class if the price is the same. If both Super Economy and Economy are sold out, then you'll need to purchase a Base fare. Be sure to register before purchasing tickets.

Posted by Frank
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And if it is a Regional Train, there are no discounts on Regional Train. You choice the fare option that you want - it will then show you the price.