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Trenitalia tickets bought on line

I have never bought train tickets on line before today and have a couple of questions.

  1. The purchase confirmation email has: "Caution: you made a purchase without being registered. ". What do I need to be cautious of?

  2. The confirmation email also has "Carriage: 11; Place: 13C, (Mandatory reservation) ". Since I have had a seat assigned, I already have a reservation, right? With regard to a reservation, is any further action required on my part?

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Nothing to be cautious of you can not register on that site if you live in the USA.
Did you get a ticket as a PDF in your email with a QR Code
If so you have nothing to worry about.
Just print the PDF and take it with you.
You are in car number 11 and your seat number is 13C.

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Thank you for the reply. I did get the PDF and I saved it as a screen shot. Is printing it required? Or, can I just show the screen shot?

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you need to provide the PNR code to the conductor when they come around checking tickets. That can be found on the pdf email that Trenitalia sends you.

When I used the trains last April, nothing was scanned, the conductor typed in the code.

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Yes you have a reservation. Good job! Confirm the date, time and train station. Like others have said, print the ticket and have it readily available for when (if) the train conductor requests it. Get to the train station in plenty of time to locate your platform. You just locate your carriage (written on the outside of the train, by the door) and get in and find your seat, pull out your snack and drink and relax.

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Last fall I downloaded the tix to my smart phone. Conductor scanned them directly from the screen. No print out was necessary. The conductors are experienced at doing this and will center and enlarge the code on your phone if they have to.

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Yes, to take it one step further. I'm old school and I print out the ticket, but mostly as a backup, and as a convenience for me and for the conductor. But the conductor really only needs the six digit PNR #. If you just show them that six digit number on your phone, or on a piece of scratch paper for that matter, they can validate the res. Enjoy your trip.

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I created an account on the Trenitalia site ... using my Rome Hotel's address. The usefulness in having the account is that ALL of my Trenitalia purchases are stored there for easy retrieval.

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When I was in Italy a couple months ago, I saw conductors scanning codes from phones. I had my reservations on my iPod Touch. Once I tried to access the reservation but the darn machine was making it really difficult and it was easier to pull the paper copy out of my bag.

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Regional trains: tickets must be scanned, either from a piece of paper or an electronic device.

High speed and Intercity trains (those with reserved seats): the conductor only needs to know the PNR code you received via mail. You can show it using a smartphone, write it on the back of your hand or learn it by hearth: the conductor couldn't care less.

You need to be cautious of purchasing without registering for 4 reasons:

  • you can't make any change on-line
  • you won't receive a fiscal invoice. Those who are on a business trip often need one.
  • if the train is severely delayed and it's trenitalia's fault, you can't ask on-line for the refund set by the EU law
  • if you delete the e-mail, loose both the print out and your memory, the TSA cuts your hand off and you also forget the smartphone/tablet/PC at home... you won't have a way to know your PNR code and you'll have to purchase a new ticket on the spot.

I think you can register on using a mail address in Italy to receive Trenitalia's fidelity card. If not it would be discriminatory towards other EU citizens: by registering you get access to more discounts.

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Thank you everyone! I printed the tickets & used one today. I liked being able to stow the paper ticket in my pocket & not needing to have my phone handy. In the past I have only ridden regional trains and the freccia trains are much nicer! Because people have been generous with their time & advice in this forum in the past, I learned that the regional trains are usually slower & more likely to involve a train change. I am now a more efficient traveler.

Off topic: A passenger attempted to avoid the man checking for tickets by staying in the toilet. He didn't seem put out or impatient. He just asked the passenger through the door if he was okay . And then patiently waited. Eventually the passenger came out & they got off the train together at the next station.