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Travelling to multiples countries in May 2007

We can't decide to either rent a car/van or take the train/or a combination of the 2. We will be landing in London, hopefully taking the Eurostar to Paris, fast train to Zurich, then somehow getting to North Italy (Lake Como area) and then slowing heading thru Italy to Austria's city of Graz, then up to Vienna to fly home. If we rent a vehicle, which company would be suggested. Any Canadian discounts available which anyone knows of?

thanks for any into

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Based on the distance you are traveling, but not knowing your time frame, I would say stick with rail and supplement with cars where it makes sense. London, Paris, Zurich, and Vienna range from not very "car friendly" to downright "car hostile". The only areas a car makes sense is in Italy and near Graz, but only if you have the time to appreciate the "by-ways". If you are just traveling direct to get there, then probably not a good option. I prefer to rent a car for a day or two at points in the trip, then use trains or planes for long hauls.

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Be aware that tolls in Europe add a great deal to the cost of auto rental. Petrol also is more costly....over $6 a gallon at last report.

In the past I always rented a car, but if I go back I will seriously consider train or discount airlines.

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Trains can take you almost anywhere you might want. Bus trips supplement that. Cars are huge headaches in any city, including those in Italy. Also, the drivers of scooters are NUTS!!! They can reduce even the steeliest of us to blubbering.
Unless you look forward to the driving experience, we would counsel you to avoid it and just go along for the rides.

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I would normally recommend driving -- because I love the freedom it gives you...but I can't say I'd ever consider it for London and Paris.

I'd recommend train up until Zurich, then pick up a car to drive through the Italian Alps because of the scenery you'll be able to enjoy right through to Vienna.

I've driven a lot through all of Austria -- roads are great! I had no problems driving in/out of Vienna..we can do it now without a map. Just use their "Rings" as a way of orienting yourself in the city. If going from Graz to Vienna, I suggest stopping at Parndorf (right at A4 highway exit) if you like shopping. There's a designer outlet there we came across by accident.

We've rented 3 times through Europecar without issue. We did it through the Last Minute Club and got great discounts -- but you have to be a member. I suggest shopping around then comparing with what is posted in Expedia and Travelocity.