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Travelling from Italy to Paris - any suggestions??

I am travelling through Italy in early July, then across to Paris. I have two-three days free (11-13/7) between being in Florence and arriving in Paris. Any suggestions for an interesting place to visit that would still allow for easy (and relatively cheap) travel across to Paris?

I was thinking maybe Venice, or Lake Como area, but am open to any good suggestions in either Italy or France? (I am already going to the Cinque Terre area, then spending a few days in Florence.) I would prefer not to spend too much time in transit. Open to flying if it is time efficient and not too expensive.

Please post any suggestions for a good place to visit and/or a good way to get from Italy to Paris. Thanks!

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Provence and Burgundy are on the mail rail route between Florence and Paris. Both fascinating with beautiful countryside--a nice break between cities I think. But you may prefer a difference experience.

Venice not particularly "between" these destinations, but if you fly I guess that hardly matters.

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I'd fly between Italy in Paris these days. There is an overnight train that saves on both hotel and sightseeing time. However, cheap flights on Easyjet, Ryannair and the like make it so inexpensive and quick to travel between countries that I don't think that long train flights are worth it when you can find a quick and cheap flight.

Have you considered adding Rome? You could go from Florence to Rome on the train and then fly to Paris from Rome.

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I agree with Roxanne go to Rome. It's a wonderful city and you will easily fill your time there. Venice is really out of the way and you would spend half your time travelling. Lake Como is doable but again a fair amount of time in travelling if you go by train. If you go to Rome you should be able to get a reasonable airfare to Paris.