Traveling to one country and coming home from another

Greetings all, I am taking my first European trip in Sept. to Istanbul. Yeah! I will be in Istanbul with a group for a week and then am on my own to go home or go further afield. I have always wanted to visit Greece and altho I will only have a couple of days I am thinking of flying from Istanbul to Athens, then a ferry to Santorini for a couple of nights and then back to Athens. My question. Could I fly one-way from the U.S. into Istanbul and then fly back home from Athens? Since I am so new to International travel I am not sure of the rules and regulations about this. Thanks so very much for your help! Happy travels! Debra

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Could I fly one-way from the U.S. into Istanbul and then fly back home from Athens? Sure can, it's call an open-jaw ticket. You purchase this sort of ticket easily from sites like Expedia or the airlines sites. When you go to the sites you will be given three options: one-way, round-trip, multiple destination (or something similar sounding). Multiple destination is the the same as open-jaw.

Posted by Frank
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And while I you are looking. Price a three leg flight. Often can be much cheaper than a round trip and a one way. Most of our trips are open jaw. Almost never flew round trip to a single cities unless a short trip.

Posted by pat
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Debra when pricing out flights on various sites be sure to look for an "open jaw" ticket, often it is called a "multi destination" ticket. Flying into one county and out another is what smart travellers do to avoid backtracking , saving time and money usually!

Posted by Debra
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Thank you all for your kind help. Questions answered. Have joy in all of your journey's! Debra