Travel to Venice with an Austria-only Eurail Pass

I am going to Austria in a few weeks and will be buying the Austria only country [Eurail] pass. We are flying into Munich and will spend a few days directly in Munich prior to going down to Austria. We intend to leave from Austria for a few days in Venice as well prior to traveling back up to Munich (via Innsbruck). We will be using Austria as our "home base" and doing most of travel within that country. My question: if I have the Austria train pass and want to go down to Venice would the price of the train ticket be from the city I am leaving from in Austria or somehow does my Eurail pass get me to the Austrian border and somehow the distance from the border to (in this case) Venice calculated? I intend to get into Austria either via Villach or Innsbruck. I intend to return to Austria from Venice via Innsbruck. The same question holds true for initial travel from Munich to Salzburg. Thanks for looking at this and your replies... BR,

Posted by Marie
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Maybe I'm wrong but Munich being in Germany would probably require a point to point ticket in order for you to get you to Austria. There is a Germany/Austria rail pass so I suspect I am correct. You will definitely need a point to point ticket to go from Austria to Venice and return. I can't imagine that using your Eurail Austria pass to the border and then buying a point to point ticket to Venice would have much merit. Have you checked out a Select Pass or other options vs. point to point tickets? Rick's web site gives you approximate costs for point to point tickets so you can figure out which is best. If you buy your Eurail Pass from the RS site they will give you your best options for free. P.S. Be advised you must purchase at a slight extra cost reserved seats on high speed trains (well worth it). Obtain in advance or directly at the train station (in advance if at all possible).

Posted by Larry
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The rules state that if you are using a Eurail pass, it must be valid in every country in which you travel (even if you are just passing through). That would include Germany and Italy. However, you intend to have just the Eurail pass just for Austria. This is just fine. In Munich, show your pass to the agent and they will sell you a ticket from Munich to your destination in Austria. You will not be charged for transportation from the Austrian border to your destination unless you are on a premium train that requires a supplemental fee.

For the Austria/Venice journey, again show your pass when you purchase your ticket and all adjustments will be made. Your Eurail pass will cover you to the border but not anywhere in Italy on that run. The ticket agents do this all the time. Same returning to Austria from Italy.

Posted by Steven
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Hi Larry & Marie- thank you very much for the insight!