Travel to Parma and Rental car etc...

We are headed for Northern Italy in September. After a few days in Como we will head to Parma. What is the best way to get there...train? bus? Also, upon arrival in Parma, we want to rent a car. Where is the best place to rent a car in Parma? We will be staying at an agriturismo called Antica Torre, outside of Parma in Cangelasio Salsomaggiore. We will drive there, if we are successful in finding a rental car. Do you have any idea how long it might take us to arrive at Antica Torre from Parma? Thank you in advance for your answers and suggestions.

Posted by JerryG
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train service to Parma is pretty frequent from both Milan and Bologna, and there a number of car agencies at or near the train station. Last year the station was being remodeled and was kind of chaotic, however it is Italy!
We were there on business so stayed in the center city and took the train from there through Bologna and on to Naples with no hassles.

Posted by Jo
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Thank you! I did not see any rental car agencies listed near the parma train station when I looked o nline, only Bolgna. I will look again.