Travel passes for Switzerland

For part of our Euro travel this year, we will be in Switzerland for 11 nights. First flying into Zurich from Copenhagen, then going to Lucerne for two nights. Lucerne to Murren (not sure yet whether we go to Interlarken, then Murren?), and leaving the area after 7 nights for Geneva (two nights), before going on to Dijon. So, I am trying to figure out transportation passes for the time we are in Switzerland. SWISS Pass, or Half fare card? Which worked for you? Jungfraujoch Schilthorn Murren, Wengen
Hiking and needing cable cars/gondolas for up or down.. knowing us, as long as we are going to be moving around a lot, and quite active.

Posted by Mme Eli
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Thanks, Tim. It's rather confusing to try an figure out all the prices and see which works out as better value. Makes the Copenhagen card seem like a piece of cake!

Posted by Tim
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You must go through Interlaken to get to Mürren. There's nothing quite so stress free as a Swiss Pass...just hopping on/off anywhere anytime as much as you want. Swiss Passes also come with big price tags. Just going by the numbers a Half Fare card usually works out best for everybody. 50% discount on every form of travel.