Travel in the Bernese Oberland

Hi - I am going to be traveling from Basel to Interlaken in October and staying for four days in the Bernese Oberland, then traveling from Interlaken to Geneva to fly out. I was thinking about getting the Bernese Oberland Regional Pass for my travel, since I plan on visiting a lot of the small towns in that area the entire time I'm there, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a better pass that would cover all of that travel as well as the train trip from Basel and the train trip to Geneva.
Am I better off getting the Swiss Pass? Does it cover the cable ride to Grindelwald First? or to Schilthorn? Thanks for your help!

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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The Swiss Pass covers inter-city trains, buses, boats, and municipal transport throughout the entire country. For mountain trains, and cable cars to the peaks it gives you hefty discounts. Click the railpasses tab above for all the details.

Posted by steven
white plains, ny, usa
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If you are two traveling together , There is a two for one pass valid in October . As Michael says the coverage is encompassing . We are traveling there in october as well and actually purchsed two four day passes which we will use consecutively , After costing out our plans point to point , it worked out to be a great deal !

Posted by Pauline
BROADSTAIRS, Kent, United Kingdom
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If you are not planning any journeys other than in the Bernese Oberland area yiu may well find a better pass is the one month half price pass. Which is exactly what it says, it will cover you from Basel, give you 50 per cent discount on all transport from your arrival in Basel to departure in Geneva. The only transport you will nt get a discount on are the buses etc in Basel and Geneva and any other towns you visit. The cost is 110Chf and can be ourchased on arrival in Basel at the station.

Posted by Tim
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No, the Swiss Pass does NOT get you all the way to the top of Schilthorn or Grindelwald gets you very near for free and then it gets you a discount on the remaining portion.