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My husband uses a cane (has trouble walking) and we wonder if he'll have trouble using the subway / buses in London? Is there an elevator in the subway there? Are there a lot of bus stops / subway stops and are they close to major attractions? Thanks.

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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SOME of the subway (Underground or Tube) stops have elevators (lifts). MOST do not.

Posted by gone
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hi, as mentioned some do some dont. Some are being updated with escelators, but there can be some bit of walking if youre doing a transfer. your best bet maybe surface transportation. Since youre going to do the "tourist" attractions, investigate the "sight seeing/hop-on/hop-off " tour buses. They may hit all of the places you want. Worse case, mix and match using them, taxi and bus. happy trails.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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Using buses, DLR, trams and Overground will be generally much easier. Sometimes the Underground is fine (check the map link given above), but it is mostly not the first choice.

Posted by Marco
Oxford, United Kingdom
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Accessibility was not any concern prior to 1980s - for example many central London stations on lines built at the turn of the 20th century have lifts but have a flight of stairs at one end or the other. The tfl journey planner allows a number of different options regarding accessibility of stations, and transfer routes.

Posted by Ann
La Grange Park, IL, United States
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Thanks for a ll of the helpful information about travelling in London.