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Travel in Italy,Swiss, France , UK and Belgium

My itinerary:
14 days:
Arrival and departure city is Brussel:

Day 1 : Flying from Brussels to Rome
2 nights at Rome
Rome to Florence
2 nights at Florence
Florence to Geneva
3 nights at Geneva
Geneva to Paris
2 nights at Paris
Paris to London
1 night at London
London to Brussels

Can someone please advice me on train or Flight option?
If it is train shoule I choose railpass (4 country 7 days) or point to point option.

Advance thanks for your help!

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Unless you really have strong reason for London, I think one night would not be worth it. By the time you take the train and sort out your hotel, you won't have much time left to explore the city.

If you want to see London, it would make more sense to go to Brussels then fly out of London. You can often get open-jaw (fly into one city then out of another) tickets for the same price as regular round trip tickets.

Remember that traveling takes time, so every travel day takes away from seeing the city/country you are in...better to do fewer cities and enjoy them.


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Unofortunately I cannot do the open Jaw since this is a stop over trip on the way to Asia. So I have to arrive and depart from brussels.

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Are you 80 years old and never been to Europe? If not, do one or two adjacent countries, enjoy yourself and plan another trip to Europe in a few years. You cannot possibly see anything with six travel days in 14!

For air travel, the time to get to the airport, get through security, get to the center of your destination city (assuming no delays) plus getting to hotel, checking in and all kills not only much of a day but much of your energy. For a train, less hassle but longer actual travel times.

DON'T DO IT unless you meet the criteria mentioned in the first sentence. We were in our 40s before we made our first Europe trip (to the UK), 50 before hitting the mainland, in early '60s now but have been there 13 times.

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Hi, I agree with John's post. You are trying to do too great an area in a short time.
Choose the area you most want to see this trip. I still have countries in Europe I would love to see someday too. By the time you get to London it will be time to go to sleep, wake up and leave for Brussels. It sounds like you really want to see Italy (Rome and Florence), then head up to Geneva, Paris and back to Brussels. Why do you want to go to London? I can't imagine what I would be able to choose from if I only had one day in London. The shoretest amount of time I was there was 3 night and the longest 6 weeks. On another trip you could do London and England, Ireland, etc. Make a list of all you think you want to see in each place. Hopefully that will give you an idea of how much time you will need in each place. You will be using up alot of your time in traveling instead of really seeing each area if you do the trip as you have written it.

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Unless it is 100% absolutely impossible to change your flights so that you can do this open jawed then I would HIGHLY recommend it. It may cost you an extra $100-200 to change your flights, but you're already going to spend that in extra time and travel costs because the trip will be extremely inefficient.

I also concur that you're trying to pack WAY too much in to too little time. Know that Rick's tour that is similar in distance and sights is done in 21 days. You're cutting that time in half!

My advice is to cut out at least two cities and take night trains whenever possibly. That's the only way you're going to come close to making this work. I'd cut out either Florence or Geneva (probably Geneva) and also cut out London. London is one of the cheapest cities to fly into from the US, so you can save it for another trip.

Take a night train between Florence/Geneva and Paris. I'm usually the one who says that packed itineraries can be done, and I think you're doing too much.

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Looks like I have to skip london.
OK for the rest of the cities, is it cheaper to get railpass or point-to-point ticket?