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travel in italy

our plan for 10 days:
flying into venice, then we would like to take a train to Florence,then a train to get us to Cinque Terre, the off to Rome,thento Lamenziaterme to see family, theb we are flying out of rome to go home.
Can you tell me how many nights we should spend in each city/town?

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We spent two days in Florence, could have used more, but got most out of our time by using Rick's hints for getting into the Uffizi and by using Mona Winks for high points.
We spent four days in Rome - not enough, but again, by planning ahead we had a good idea of what to see and how to budget time. Roman Adventures offers unforgettable local day tours - we found it worth the money, though we rarely use guided tours.
Family time will be the most important of all. Besides, they could be a good source of info for the other days. If you could reverse your itinerary,or at least do Rome at the end, you could take advantage of the family expertise. Maybe some intrepid family member would actually accompany you and give you a personal tour.

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I love italy and have been there three times via train. I think it is very important that you allow a minimum of two days. I recommend three to four nights in each city. Try to appreciate how much time you are going to be at the station getting on the train, then in transit to the city you are visiting, then finding your hotel, your first day is completely shot. Florence is fantastic and there is so much to see 3-4 no problem. Cinque Terra is quiet and peaceful and will become the highlight of your trip. It doesn't sound like there is a lot to do but you will not regret spending a lot of time here. Take the connecting boat down to portovenere or to other cinque terre towns. Do the trail of love. (I spent four nights here and it was perfect). The thing I would warn you about is the pace of your trip, when you get to rome after being in traquil cinque terre you are not going to be able to stand the crazyness of the busy city. Have a great trip

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I was in Venice and Cinque Terre in May. There are no direct trains from Venice to CT, so it is good that you are going to Florence first. I would recommend at least three days in Venice. I spent four days there and still didn't get to see all that I wanted to see. I would recommend two days in Cinque Terre. That should give you enough time to hike the trail and visit each of the towns. I have never been to Florence, but I heard you need about three days. As for Rome, you will need at least three days to get an overview, but you can easily spend a week there. I don't know anything about Lamenziaterme. I would recommend dropping one city, so that you can appreciate each your stay in Italy and not feel rushed. In my opinion,ten days is just not enough time to visit all of those cities.